DBCS has contributed to the South African & international music scene by nurturing the talents of now prominent musicians!


DBCS offers a unique educational opportunity for boys; it stimulates a boy's spirit for adventure, while nurturing the development of the mind.


We strive towards a stimulating and safe learning environment. Strong emphasis is placed on discipline within a Christian ethos.


A healthy body houses a healthy mind. We endeavour to give the boys a balanced life programme through healthy exercises and interaction with others.

Upcoming Events

Announcing the 2014 International Tour!

To our European friends, keep an eye out for the following dates and areas where we will be performing, as part of this year's International Tour. More information will be available soon!



Saturday 6 September


Sunday 7 September


Monday 8 September

Goetzis – Brixen

Tuesday 9 September

Brixen – Salzburg

Wednesday 10 September


Thursday 11 September


Friday 12 September

Salzburg – Spittal

Saturday 13 September


Sunday 14 September


Monday 15 September

Spittal – Bischofshofen

Tuesday 16 September


Wednesday 17 September

Bischofshofen – Klagenfurt

Thursday 18 September


Friday 19 September

Klagenfurt – Ossiach

Saturday 20 September


Sunday 21 September

Osaich – Vienna

Monday 22 September


Tuesday 23 September

Vienna – Linz

Wednesday 24 September


Thursday 25 September

Linz – Passau

Friday 26 September


Saturday 27 September


Sunday 28 September


Andrew SteadWe are delighted to welcome our new executive head and headmaster, Andrew Stead, to the staff of the Drakensberg Boys Choir School.

Andrew is no stranger to the school, having been the Head of Academics here from 1996 to 1999. His experience of leading a school has been extensive, having been headmaster of Mitchell House Preparatory School and the King David schools in Johannesburg. After leaving the teaching profession, he formed the Foundation of School Leadership and Management.

Andrew is married to Jo Anne and they have two sons, Duncan and Garrick. We are confident that their time at our school will be happy and productive and we wish them all the best for the future!

Farewell to Anton RedelinghuisSadly, at the end of the second term, the we bid farewell to our executive head, Anton Redelinghuis. Having been at the helm for some two and a half years, and having guided the school through some difficult financial times, he decided to return to the bright lights of Johannesburg and once again, enter the business world.

Anton has certainly left his mark on the school in a number of ways. Not only was he invaluable in all things economic, but he was also passionate about Drakies and worked tirelessly towards improving standards in all aspects of the school. He will always be remembered for his insistence that the boys supported the core values of the school : respect, excellence, integrity, Christian values and care for the environment.

Above all, Anton is a humble and caring person and we wish him and his gracious wife, Rita, the very best for the future!